About enterprise

    The state enterprise ‘Scientifically-research and design-survey Institute of transport construction" KYIVDIPROTRANS’ is one of the leading design institutes in the field of transport construction in Ukraine.
    The Institute performs economic, geodesic and geological surveys, techno-economic justification of investments and complex design of the new and those which need of reconstruction:
        •railways and highways;
        •railway junctions and stations;
        •technological objects of railway transport;
        •objects of transport of the industrial enterprises, seaports, including: terminals, ferry rail complexes;
        •communal objects, including: the terminal complexes, objects of housing construction;
        •rail and road bridges;
        •viaduct isolations, transport tunnels;
        •equipping of automatics, telemechanics and connection, electric power supply, electrification of the railways.
    A number of the employees (2011) is more than 200 people, 30 specialized departments (a science-research department, integrated technology department, department of survey and design of the railways, department of engineering geology, constructional department, department of the general plans, 3 architectural studio, department of the artificial constructions and the others.).
    The Institute is the basic organization of Ministry of regional development, construction and housing and communal economy of Ukraine in scientific-technical activity in the field of construction, industry of construction materials, architecture and urban construction as the basic organization in Ukraine of methodology of designing of the objects of the railway transport, drafting of regulatory base, performance of science-research and constructional works in the field of transport construction.
    The most important subjects in the recent years, which were built or constructed for the project or the direct participation of the Institute are:
        •the station complexes at the Kyiv-Passenger and Darnitsa stations;
        •a rail and road bridge over the Dnieper River in Kyiv;
        •an administrative building of the Ministry of Transport of Ukraine in Kyiv;
        •an administrative building of the governance of carriages 'Ukrzaliznytsia' in Kyiv;
        •a marine railway ferry crossing in the port "Kerch" on the Azov Sea;
        •inculcation of high-speed moving in the direction Kyiv - Kharkiv, Kyiv - Dnipropetrovs’k and Kyiv - Moscow.
    Kyivdiprotrans has performed fundamental importance developments in the field of railway transport of Ukraine:
        •the schemes of the layouts and development of the railways, the main sorting, border, passenger, freight and near-port stations;
        •the general schemes of development of the most important railway junctions: Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Chop and of the others.
        •the schemes of development of the high-speed moving of the trains in Ukraine.
    The economic developments of the Institute are widely used in planning of the development of the railways of Ukraine.
    The Institute is known by its work in the series of the countries such as China, Mongolia, Cuba, Poland, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Syria, Libya, Russia, Belarus and in the others.

    Director - Y.F. Semeshko, deputy director - chief engineer of the institute - A.M. Kostenko, deputy director for scientific work - B.I. Toropov, chief architect - A.G. Petrovsky.