About enterpriseStructure


The organizational structure of the Enterprise is built by the principles of linear-functional system. The Institute consists of functional, production, support divisions and one separated structural unit.
The functional units:
    The administratively-managerial staff (AMS):
        • senior management;
        • a chancellery;
        • a planning-production department;
        • an accounts department;
        • a legal department;
        • a staff department.
    The production-technical divisions:
        • a technical department;
        • an occupational safety and health subdivision;
        • a bureau of the chief engineers of the projects;
        • a department of maintenance of computer aided design.
    The production divisions:
        • a scientifically-research department;
        • a complex technological department;
        • a department of survey and projecting of the railways;
        • a department of engineering geology;
        • a constructional department;
        • a department of the general plans;
        • an architectural workshop № 2;
        • an architectural workshop № 3;
        • a heat power department;
        • a department of telecommunications systems and networks;
        • a department of the man-made structures;
        • a department of electrification;
        • a department of automatics and telemechanics;
        • a department of the projects of organizing of construction and the estimates;
        • a department of water suply and wastewater;
        • a plumbing department;
        • a department of the metal framework;
        • a department of the preparation and outputting of the projects.
    An auxiliary division:
        • a providing department.