Scientific activities

    The Institute "Kyivdiprotrans" is the basic organization in Ukraine in scientific and technical activities in the field of construction, industrial of the construction materials, architecture and urban planning in transport construction (the railway transport).
    The Institute has the state accreditation of an scientific institute. The main customers of the scientifically-research works is Ukrainian railway, Ministry of regional development, construction and housing and communal economy of Ukraine, Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine.
    The main directions of scientific research of the Institute:
        - High-speed movement of the passenger trains;
        - Throughput and passage capacity;
        - The prospects of development of the infrastructure of the railway transport;
        - Improving the technology of the work of the railway junctions and stations;
        - The development of the building codes;
        - Scientific and technical support of the normative documents (standards, norms of the design, instructions).
    Over the past three years (2006-2008) the Institute has made the following science-practiced works:
        - The state construction norms SCN V.2.3-19-2008. The constructions of the transport. The railway tracks 1520 mm. The norms of projecting.
        - The departmental building norms. The constructions of the transport. The contact circuit. The norms of projecting.
        - The departmental building norms. The constructions of the transport. Electrification of the railways. The norms of projecting.
        - The state standard. 'The railway tracks. Working drawings.'
        - A draft of the state construction norms 'The constructions of the transport. The railway and highway tunnels.'
        - Expertise of the drafts of the state building norms.
        - The state telic program of implementation at the Ukrainian railways of speedy movement of the passengers trains on 2007-2015.
        - Analysis of existing throughput of the main directions with making of the proposals as for their primary development.
        - Defining and grounding of expediency of construction of the European standard railway track 1435 mm in the direction of the state border Kovel - Kyiv.
        - Analysis, grounding and elaboration of specific technical and economic indices of construction, reconstruction, development of the rail transport.
        - Elaboration of the proposals "Development of the rail network of Ukraine."
        - Determining of the prospective of the sizes of movement of the passenger and freight trains by plots for 2010, 2015, 2020.
        - Elaboration of the schemes of the main cargo stream, sizes of movement of the freight and passenger trains for 2006, 2010, 2015, 2020.
        - Collection and analysis of information of the capacity of the railway tracks, stations of adjacency and rolling stock within 30 km from the Alchevsk city to evaluate potential opportunities of increasing freight turnover in a region.
        - Flowsheet of working of a passenger complex of the Kiev railway junction.
        - The methodological recommendations for applying of the systems of visual information on the objects.
    The results of the scientific researches are reported at the conferences and published in the professional journals.
    In 2006 the Institute held of an international scientific-practical conference 'The modern problem and effective ways of repair and restoration of the railway rolling stock.'
    The specialists of the Institute carry out scientific-teaching work.
    The branches of the cathedras of Dnipropetrovsk National university of the railway transport named academician V. Lazaryan and State economic and technological university of the railway transport (Kyiv) functionate at the Institute.