A complex of the technical pass. station of the Kiev railway junction in the area of the Darnitsa station

A Senior Project Engineer - Sergei Sviridenko

    In october, the institute completed elaboration of a draft «A complex of the technical passenger station of the Kiev railway junction in the area of the Darnitsa station of the South-Western railway». 
    A customer of the object is a state territorially-industrial association   «South-Western railway».      
    A goal of the project is creating a modern base for repair and maintenance of high-speed inter-regional trains «Rotem» company «Hyundai», which Ukraine purchased in Korea and plans to use them already until Euro 2012.
    Annual production capacity of the facility is: 
       •of the daily technical inspections – 3650
       •of periodic technical servicing – 231
       •of the small periodic inspections – 24,0
       •of the big periodic inspections – 11,0
       •of the balancing periodic repairs – 5,0
       •of the main periodic repairs – 6,0
    A number of the created jobs – 862.

    The station has been designed by the classic combination scheme. The basis of the facility consists of three buildings:
       -a production building 1:
            • a craft of maintenance (maintenance of the second level and outfit) of the high-speed trains;
            • the production crafts, workshops;
            • the service-domestic premisses; 
            • a boiler house;
            • a transformer substation.
       -a production building 2:
            • a workshop for washing of the carriages with reverse water supply;
            • the workshops and domestic premisses;
            • a transformer substation;
            • a compressor room;
            • a worksop of turning wheelset without rolling out.
       -a production building 3 (perspective):  
            • a workshop of current repair (CR-1, CR-2);
            • the production workshops.

    A flow sheet of the object is shown in the figure.
    Now the object has passed to State Enterprise "State Specialized expert organization - Central office of Ukrainian state building expertise". A contracting organization has started preparatory constructional works at the construction site.